DRACULA - Episode 5

Johnathan returns to England, but all is not well, and things are beginning to stir in the dead of night...  

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DRACULA - Episode 4

Lucy's condition continues to rapidly decline, so Dr. Seward calls on an old friend and mentor in the hopes that he might be able to help...   You can...View Details

DRACULA - Episode 3

Our story shifts in focus now, as we arrive in London and begin to learn what Mina Murray and her best friend, Lucy Westenra, have been up to...   You...View Details

DRACULA - Episode 2

Johnathan Harker has now spent quite a bit of time at the castle of Count Dracula. But is he just a visitor...or a prisoner?

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Our journey begins as Johnathan Harker travels to a mysterious castle in Transylvania...You can sign up for the Hugs For Sarah 5k at the following lin...View Details

Something wicked is coming this way...   Stay tuned soon for the premiere of Public Domain Players' newest production...DRACULA.   Written by William ...View Details

The Boy With The Box

The Boy With The Box was directed by James Weippert, written by James Weippert, adapted from the original short story by Mary Griggs van Voorhis.  

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An intrepid reporter heads to a hospital in France to research a particular system, but some things don't quite add up upon her arrival... This episo...View Details

The Demon Spell

Two friends participate in a seance that takes a dark turn, when the spirit they contact has a dire warning...

The Demon Spell was adapted from the...View Details

The Pale Man

A man checks into a quiet hotel, in a quiet town, but both the hotel and it's other residents are not what they appear to be... This episode was writt...View Details

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